As an airline ground service provider, SkyLogistics Philippines, Inc. aims to provide airport passengers quality service to ensure a pleasurable travel experience even before boarding the aircraft, along with the assurance that they are well taken care of both in the frontlines and by those working in the background.

SkyLogistics' ideals are well reflected in the person of company owner and Chairman, Manuel H. Osmeña, the principal driving force behind the company. As a visionary in the field of hospitality and the food industry as well as a people oriented leader, he sets only the highest standards of excellence in quality and services for the company's clientele.

Being a devout Christian, Mr. Osmeña has also instilled within company personnel the philosophy that, "Everything we do must please God." It is a fitting principle for the company to uphold because, though SkyLogistics deals mainly with ground service, it aims to provide airline passengers with a divine experience to offset the stresses of airline travel and to help them feel watched over and taken care of.

In line with this, SkyLogistics deploys only the best airport personnel to greet airline passengers and to assist with their every need. Besides being trained with the required set of skills they will be needing, they are also taught to be courteous and accommodating as they interact with the passengers ensuring the passengers feel well-received and properly tended to.