Ground handling addresses the many service requirements of a passenger aircraft between the time it arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight.SkyLogistics Philippines Inc. gives importance to speed, efficiency, and accuracy in ground handling services in order to minimize the turnaround time of an aircraft. The major categories of ground handling services SkyLogistics is extending to its client are as follows:

Passenger & Baggage Handling

  • Providing check-in counter services like issuance of boarding pass and documentation checks.
  • Providing gate arrival and departure services. The agents meet a flight on arrival and provide departure services including boarding passengers, closing the flight.
  • Staffing the Transfer Counters, Customer Service Counters, Airline Lounges.
  • Loading/unloading and tracing of baggage.

Ground Equipment Maintenance

Ensures performance of maintenance activities such as general troubleshooting, minor/major repair, preventive maintenance, and modification on all ground support equipment/vehicle utilized in the ramp operations. This department also handles the repair, modification, testing and calibration of highly sensitive instruments used during the ground servicing of the aircraft.

Ramp Services

  • Guiding the aircraft into and out of the parking position (by way of aircraft marshalling).
  • Towing with pushback tractors.
  • Lavatory drainage..
  • Water cartage (refill fresh water tanks).
  • Air conditioning (external).
  • Airstart units (starting engines).
  • Luggage handling by means of beltloaders and baggage carts.

Station Control Services

This service dispatches the aircraft, maintains communication with the rest of the airline operation at the airport and with Air Traffic Control. This also includes load control and catering coordination services.

Cargo Handling Services

SkyLogistics is providing cargo handling services to its client that include aircraft loading and unloading, build-up and break-down, receiving and delivery, documents processing, customs handling, cargo facilities management, ULD yard management and office administration. Using technology to increase efficiency and provide critical management information, SLPI is equipped with Cargonauts, a system that enables SLPI to provide customer with the information needed to manage and track cargo shipments.

Cabin Services

This service ensures passenger comfort. It includes such tasks as cleaning the passenger cabin and replenishment of on-board consumables or washable items such as soap, pillows, tissues, blankets, pillow cases, head rest covers.